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As a cop it's your duty to enforce the law and protect people, but what if you had to protect a group of people from one of the most dangerous serial killer groups of all time?!
There's eleven girls who all haven't met each other but have all been targeted by the infamous group Thanatos. You and your best friend, detective Himura must put an end to Thanatos once and for all without getting them killed! It will be a dangerous and long case, but who knows you might find love along the way.

* Mod Gen here!*
This demo I've been working on for a few months now ( before Sasskurasaphicgames was formed) so I've been working on this mainly by myself so be prepared for many updates!( And bugs I do apologize!)
The full version will be completed with the help of the rest of the team so it will be way more polished than it is now.

The gameplay time for this game is about an hour give or take since there's so many options!
If there are any bugs, typos, or you just feel like giving feedback please do so in the comments below!

Thanks for playing and be on the look out for the full game coming next year!

UPDATE #1 : Fixed some typos
There are two bugs my friends ran into that I don't understand yet but just so you all know, on the android ver. when going inside the clothing manager's office an error pops up and at the end of the game on mac an error popped up.
I'm not sure if that happens for everyone, but I'm going to check and try to get it fixed.

UPDATE #2 So like, Mod Gen here, I've been learning a lot in Unity so I'm going to wait to make this game wait I REALLY want it to be. So if you're interested in this game follow me at @Gensuta on twitter and I'll eventually be working on it again!( Hopefully by next year)


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very enjoyable game! I love that there are so many choices to make. Looking forward to the full version coming out ^^


Glad you enjoyed the game! ^v^

Hello! How to contact developers by email or maybe on FaceBook? :)

Hello! Well, you can contact us through our email at sasskurasaphicgames@gmail.com. :)