Devlog #1 - My 2018 Plans!!

Hey yall! Mod Gen here!! You'd think it'd be pretty wild that we haven't uploaded/done anything in a while, but it's mainly because we're all super duper busy. I've still been making games on my personal page(@gensuta) but I would really like to remake this game!

It''s mainly because after playing more indie games and making more games myself and ALSO learning the difference between good and bad storytelling I just feel this game is bad. It's unbalanced, it's also buggy and just BLEH because I was younger and ignorant and whatever.

SO next year, probably not immediately because I'm working on my on personal projects, I'm going to remake this and do it right. I'll be recreating this Unity and asking for more assistance from my friends because I actually made this all on my own and just had a handful of friends playtest it >->; Mainly because everyone was busy doing their own thing, but yeah next year probably near the spring expect some more updates!!!

Oh yeah last few things I guess I should mention. There will be original music as well as original sprites and the battle mechanics most likely will be different so stay tuned c:

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