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Largo's a man on a mission to make the love of his life, his husband, happy. And that's by getting a child.

But it'll be quite difficult to do so since the world he lives in is abnormal. From ghosts, to vampires, magicians and more! He has to travel to town if he wants to get to the orphanage and his husband isn't going to help him.
Will he be able to find the right kids and keep them or will he die trying?

This game was created in RPGMaker Vx Ace and does indeed have some BL moments in here. Game play is about 30 minutes, sometimes more depending on what you discover in the game.
Feel free to give us feedback so we can create games that are even better in the future!

If there are any bugs in the game please tell us immediately!

UPDATE!! Ver1.1 fixes some issues of events being replayed!

UPDATE #2 Hello everyone! Mod Gen here. I would like to announce that I will be remaking this game in Unity later this year( or possibly early next year) Since I just feel this game isn't good enough. Why you ask? I don't know... I feel like the writing is probably horrible. I need to replay it but agh thinking back at the quality of my work last year was just pretty awful... I'm still a kid so I just gotta learn from my mistakes amiright? Also, the things I wanted to do in RPGMaker caused the game to be quite buggy.

So I'm sorry to anyone who's played this monstrosity. When I remake it I'll make sure to reach out and ask for playtesters as well so this game isn't buggy like how it is now.
( I mean I playtested it but thats the problem. I only playtested it.)

That's it for now! Have a good day y'all!

mini update #3:

I remembered fixing some bugs before in the game but like, I kept the old file to be available to play instead of the new one w/ the bugs getting fixed so maybe thats why there were those problems??? My windows computer is still pretty broken so I haven't gotten the chance to literally check for those bugs yet so :/


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Ok. So, i play this game at 2019. Lol. ;p I say, it is a great game play. i love it. I don't know about others but this story is sweet for me that i just love it. The only problem that i have is that no clicks or controls that i can think of can save the game. but i'll manage it. Great game. I love the story. Hiki is cute. I love him. Especially his personalities which are cute and fun in his own way.

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This game is beyond frustrating. First off, the battles are extremely annoying because they show up way too often and waste a bunch of time. When you're exploring the maze and forest trying to get through, they appear literally every few seconds, and even skipping them takes forever.

Then there are glitches. The first one I noticed is that after you adopt the kids and are looking for them, if you go back to the castle, Hiki is there even though he's already with you, so there are two of them, and the one staying at the castle still says he won't come with you. Also, one of the queens (the redhead) says she'll go with you, even though she and her wife did that earlier. Her wife isn't there this time, so just the redhead goes with you and Hiki.

Finally, while trying to find the kidnapped children, you battle against some creatures in the maze. Once you defeat them and talk to the couple about visiting the castle, it takes you back to the pub. I quit playing after that. I was curious about the ending, but it isn't worth it. You really need to test games thoroughly before releasing them


Hey, thanks for pointing this stuff out. I'm sorry that you found it frustrating and had to deal with all those bugs. I recently started making games for fun just to learn new programs last year.  I decided to post it because I really liked the way it came out back then. I had only play tested it a few times by myself and back then I didn't know about playtesting and all these other key things I should do when making games. These bugs I didn't run into when I playtested it and I guess it's mainly because I know what I had to do so that caused me not to go back and try other things that could cause bugs so I'm just honestly really sorry.
The ending isn't worth it either looking back at it now it's just a really silly, bad game;;;

I haven't touched RPGMaker in forever so I'll try and fix this as soon as I get the chance.

 Once again, I apologize for the buggy game and hope you have a nice day!

-Mod Gen


I'm sorry if I seemed rude by the way. I feel bad about how I worded everything. I was just really irritated with the battles popping up constantly. I ended up playing for over an hour because they took up so much time. Then after that battle with the skeleton and other creatures, I figured I was almost done because I was in a new part of the maze, and thought that I'd find the kids in the desert soon. But that's when it sent me back to the pub, so I gave up after that. I'd like to try the game again sometime if you end up fixing it. And sorry again for sounding hostile. ^^;

No it's totally fine you had every right to be aggravated! I just replayed the game today myself and it's been a literal year since its been made and I can see that its full of flaws.  I don't know why the pub thing happened,  since it didn't happen to me, but I'm deeefinitely going to try and revamp the game because it's pretty bad in all honesty.  It might take a while though but I'll eventually have it done.

Thanks for giving it a try though!

- Mod Gen